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What is a meta search engine?

A meta search engine is one that searches multiple major search engines. ReaLook searches all major search engines each time you do a search. Our paid advertisers are listed before the meta search results and are identified by a star.

How do I add my site to your search engine?

Click on "Add Your Site" above and follow the instructions. It will take about 3 minutes to complete the process.

What are the guidelines for advertising content?

All advertising must meet ReaLook's advertising standards, which may be found in our Terms and Conditions.

How long will it take for my site to appear in your search results?

Once you complete the sign up procedure, you will receive an e-mail explaining how to finish setting up your account. Once you have gone into the advertisers administration area and entered your keywords and site description, your listing will be posted immediately.

Is it free to add my website to ReaLook?


What deposit is required?

$10 is required from new advertisers to open an account. Existing advertisers who choose to continue with ReaLook after their initial amount is depleted will be required to funded their account. At that time our minimum deposit amount is $10.00.

Will I be charged if someone repeatedly clicks on my listing?

No. Our system only registers the first click from any single visitor per day.

How many keywords am I allowed to bid on?

As many as you want. There is no limit to the amount of keywords you can bid on, as long as the keywords you bid on are revelant to your site. ReaLook does not allow bulk submission. All submissions are manual.

If I decide to cancel my account, will ReaLook refund the remaining money in my account?

If you or ReaLook cancels your account, any money remaining in your account, that was deposited by you and not ReaLook, will be refunded to you. Initial signup monies are not refundable if there was an attached Bonus or Special Incentives given to you by ReaLook.

If I decide to bid on a keyword, what am I charged?

That depends on what you bid for that keyword. Bids start at $0.01. Assuming you bid $0.01 for a keyword, then each person who clicks on your advertising and goes to your site will cost you $0.01.

How often are the click through stats updated?

Click through stats are updated immediately. Stats are always current and you may view your stats 24/7.

How do I add money to my account?

Log into the Advertisers administration area and click on "Update Balance".

How is my ad's position determined?

Your ad's position is determined solely by the amount of your bid on a specific keyword. ReaLook will e-mail you when you are outbid on a particular keyword.

What is the Banner Exchange Program?

The Banner Exchange Program is only for registered pay per click users. It's a 1/1 banner exchange with other ReaLook Advertisers. Your banner will show up on other Advertisers websites and also on some of ReaLook search results. When you join the program you agree to display other Advertisers banners on your website. This is an additional way ReaLook gives you to advertise your website and best of all, it's free.