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Banner Exchange Program ReaLook Worm

Banner exchange is a very effective way to promote your websites. Your unique banner advertises and provides a link to your website on our wide-ranging network of sites that reach thousands of Internet surfers. It's easy to setup, requires no maintenance, works for you 24 hours a day and most importantly, the service is absolutely FREE.

Your banner is shown on ReaLook and our members' sites. In exchange, you display banners for other members on your website. We offer a 1:1 ratio system which means that for every 1 display of our members' banner on your page(s), you earn 1 credit for displaying your banner on other websites. In addition, we offer all our new members a 300 banner credit to start the exchange. It couldn't be easier.

At sign up, your will be asked for information about your website. Once approved, you will be able to upload your banner to our server. We will provide you with the HTML code (a few lines) to put on your webpage(s). Please do not alter the code. You can put the HTML code on one or as many pages as you like, but only one set of HTML code per page.

Requirements are:
  1. The banner must be 468X60 and 18K or less in size.
  2. You make the banner.
  3. Banner must not contain information or link to any website that's not appropriate for all age groups.

Our terms are:
  1. Member agrees not to alter the banner code, provided by ReaLook, without prior permission from ReaLook. Your membership will cancel automatically if you remove the banner code from your site.
  2. Member may cancel the Banner Exchange Program at any time through the users Admin area.
  3. The Banner Exchange Program is provided 'as is'. ReaLook makes no guarantee of availability of the banner exchange service, uptime, etc. ReaLook is not responsible for any damage or loss of information that might be caused to your account, banner, statistics, etc. Members are using this banner service at their own risk and ReaLook does not guarantee any results from membership in this banner exchange. Pornography, illegal activity, racism, sex-related websites and banners are prohibited on the Banner Exchange Program.
  4. Inactive account will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity.
  5. ReaLook reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertiser at our sole discretion.
  6. ReaLook reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, without notice.
  7. By using ReaLook Banner Exchange Program, you agree to the above terms. Any violation may result in cancellation of membership.

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